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A different vampire that will conquer you!

Forget everything you've ever seen or have been told you about vampires! That trail of blood, destruction or unbridled seductions ..

He's different!

For starters, he's vegan and he's pre-teen ... And he's already changing the world with a single weapon, determination. His love of nature, his respect for all kinds of lives and his advice on good hygiene and healthy eating, make Solua a kind and ideal character to teach children and adults to have a better and healthier life.

Veganism has been criticized by many people who are unaware of the animal cause and are also unaware of the great benefits that veganism (withoud meatless or animal derived food) bring to the human body. For this came Solua, a vegan vampire who teaches children and adults to respect nature and acquire good habits of food and hygiene.

Solua, the little vegan vampire, is one more between many creations of Lou de Olivier, and she is vegan socio-environmental and animal Pacifist.

Attention: All the money obtained from the sale of this e-book will be donated to caregivers of abandoned animals. And maintenance of the project. To buy click here or contact us click here